The Edge of Darkness

It is a dark time for the Galaxy. The forces of Darth Krayt’s Empire rule the galaxy with an iron fist. Krayt’s philosophy of the “One Sith” has caused the Sith to run rampant, and local systems are kept in line by fear of their tyrannical and cruel Sith overlords.

The planet Dorin is one such local system. Suffering under an Imperial blockade, the Kel Dor people watch helplessly as their best and brightest young people are ransomed by the Empire to serve as officers in the navy. The only hope for the planet is a small band of freedom fighters who escaped the planet and have taken to the fringes of the galaxy. For now, they marshal their strength, but the fate of Dorin is never far from their minds, and it is only a matter of time before they bring the fight to the Empire.

Star Wars: The Edge of Darkness

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