Star Wars: The Edge of Darkness

Assault on Dac

Called into Admiral Stazi’s crowded briefing room, the party helps to plan the attack on the Mon Calamari shipyards and the Sarlaac Project. Admiral Staazi proposes a bold plan of attack and asks Captain Tistura to coordinate dual team of commandos. One to disable and reprogram Dak’s planetary defenses to aid the alliance and fire on Imperial ships, and a second to take the prototype Star Destroyer known as the Imperius which was being completed in the shipyards.

Tistura gathered two teams and under the advisement of the party, agreed that her team should go down to the planet to disable the defenses, while the second team composed of commandos would board and capture the Imperius.

With the information provided by Khaldaril Anjik, the party is able to learn of the Javelin Defense Station, the control hub of the planetary defenses located deep under the ocean of Dak.

While Tistura prepared the party for the attack , Dr. Momar contacted High Mother Naji, the Ithorian matriarch. Citing a changed Ithor and an evolutionary need for the Ithorians to adapt to the recent changes as well, he convinced Mother Naji that it was time for Ithor to enter the war and throw what meagre resources that Ithor possessed to help the Galactic Alliance. She agreed to send medical support to Gar Stazi’s aid.

Using the Krayt Dragon’s cloaking device, the party is able to make it into the atmosphere and under the ocean without being detected. During hyperspace travel, Dr. Momar was able to equip the party’s weapons with modifications which would allow them to fire under water. Koro Zil landed the Dragon nearly a kilometer away from the Javelin Defense base and the party, equipped with breath masks, began their underwater journey to the hub via an underwater propeller based conveyance.

Picking up on the electric fields of their bodies, the party was assaulted by a giant devil squid which they made short work of. When the party arrived at the base, Tistura used the access codes provided by the Mon Calamari people to gain access to the base and the party begain to sneak in sending their best stealth agents, Koro Zil and Oran Secura. Unfortunately, the heavily upgrade droid defenders were able to detect them and the party was forced into a running battle through the base, facing giant defense droids and an elite team of Imperial commandos, all of whom were bested by the party thanks to their combat oriented party members.

Dr. Momar was successfully able to hack the computer defense network and reconfigure the F.O.B. scanners for the planetary defenses. At that moment, Tistura ordered the other commando team which had been waiting in disguise on the protoype Star Destroyer to take the Imperius. Plantery defenses began to open fire on Imperial ships as Gar Stazi arrived to attack the shipyards. The party sabotaged the equipment in the base to prevent their efforts from being reversed and retreated back to their ship.

Aafter getting off planet, the party left the system in the confusion of the battle to meet the fleet at the predetermined rondevous coordinates.



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