Star Wars: The Edge of Darkness

Mission List

A brief list of major missions

We can use this list to keep track of major plot points and fill in the details later, they are not necessarily in chronological order:

-Escape from Dorin
-Escaping the bounty hunter and his droids
-Rescue of Jedi Master Denia from Zetia the Hutt
-The sack of Point Nadir on behalf of Epsis
-The sack of Point Epsis on behalf of N3-D
-The acquisition of the Krayt Dragon ship involving the pirates Zan Dane and Prince Dalius
-The gambling tournament on Cloud City to investigate a Sith plot
-Recovery of the Darth Maul Lightsaber and ship from Naboo
-Recovery of the Jedi holocron for Master Denia from the dying world
-Instigation of civilian uprising on Empire controlled world of Nizon
-The ongoing investigation of Project Sarlaac




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