Star Wars: The Edge of Darkness

Rogue Squadron

The players take on the role of Rogue squadron for the session.

In Admiral Stazi’s breifing room aboard the newly aquired Alliance, the party gives their report and listens to Rogue Squadron’s debriefing, learning about the assault from their point of view.

Rogue squadron prepared for the assault on Dac, readying their fighters and consulting with Captain Gnar on her assault plan. [[:Khaldaril Anjik]] provided Rogue squadron with a means to board the Imperious, the result of the Sarlaac Project, a newly designed Star Destroyer capable of devastating entire fleets of ships. The Imperious was all but completed and awaiting proper staffing. One such personnel carrier was making its way through an asteroid field in the Dac system, guarded only by a handful of fighters. By destroying the fighter escort and taking control of the personnel transport, Rogue squadron could infiltrate the Imperious and take control of the bridge. Khaldaril also noted that the normal commander of the Star Destroyer would not be aboard the bridge at that time and that the newly appointed executive officer was not yet aquainted with the crew. The Imperious was also only operating in space dock with a skeleton crew until the final finishing touches were completed.

Rogue squadron set off and swiftly destroyed the six fighters guarding the shuttle, however a small star destroyer entered the fray, launching another six tie fighters into battle. The heroes found that their laser cannons could not penetrate the Star Destroyers shielding so they devastated the capital ship with proton torpedos instead. The Star Destroyer’s lazer batteries were not able to get a lock on Rogue Squadron’s small, agile fighters and was disabled. With the Star Destroyer out of the fight, the remaining Imperial fighters were soon destroyed.

When Rogue squadron boarded the ship, they had a tough fight with elite Imperial commandos but managed to prevail despite some members being badly wounded. The terrified passengers were loaded into escape pods and dropped into space, allowing the heroes to make their way to their destination.

At that time throughout the galaxy, GAR ships attacked numerous Imperial targets, causing confusion through the Imperial fleets.

They boarded the lightly crewed Imperious under the watchful gaze of the planetary defense system and the Imperial fleet and made their way through the massive ship to the bridge. Once there, the tech specialist sliced into one of the system control computers and managed to take control of the ship. At that moment, Admiral Stazi entered the system with his flagship, the Indominable and began the rebel attack. In unison, Momar’s Mauraders reprogrammed the planetary defense system to fire on Imperial ships and Rogue Squadron changed the Imperius’ IFF transponder and took control of the bridge.

Darth Umbra’s Shadow entered the system and dealt a death blow to the Indominable but was forced to retreat from the system when it was heavily damaged by the planetary defenses. Admiral Stazi escaped with most of his crew and arrived on the Imperius, quickly establishing control of the ship and retreating it from the system. Back at the GAR fleet, the Imperius was renamed, the Alliance and the GAR forces celebrated their first massive victory over Imperial forces.



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