Alanna Monroe

A female human smuggler, recently rescued from the clutches of the Imperial Inquisition


Alanna Monroe is a human who loves freedom more than anything. Growing up on the fringes of Galactic Society, Monroe quickly gained aptitude as a pilot and a mechanic, and developed a relatively cavalier attitude towards rules and regulations. Monroe might have spent her entire life as a small time smuggler, were it not for the rise of Darth Krayt’s One Sith. Formerly rigid regulations became tyrannical, and Monroe decided to do what she could to harm the Empire.

After making a name for herself eluding some tight Imperial blockades to bring badly needed supplies to partisans and Galactic Alliance Remnant sympathizers, Monroe was contacted by an Ithorian Nature Priest by the name of Mother Najji. Najji asked Monroe to bring the brilliant scientist Dr. Momar to the planet Dorin aboard the vessel known as the Endeavour as a cover for bringing weapons to the small force of Kel Dor dissidents. Unfortunately Alanna was apprehended by Imperial authorities, despite Dr. Momar’s best efforts.

Alanna spent a great deal of time seemingly forgotten in an Imperial holding cell on Dorin until she was unexpectedly transferred to Coruscant and the “gentle” ministrations of Imperial Inquisition. Alanna was interrogated at length about the small group of outlaws who had escaped Dorin and been causing difficulties for the Empire. A Devaronian woman interrogated Monroe often about the nature of Dr. Fland Momar’s experiments, but in this the Devaronian was disappointed, as Monroe knew nothing.

Alanna Monroe was rescued from the Imecci Spire by Tistura G’nar and her followers when they liberated the Project Sarlaac design team and placed under the recuperative care of the GAR. Now recovered, Monroe’s terrible ordeal has crystallized her purpose in opposing the Empire, and she has dedicated herself to using her unparalleled skills as a smuggler to assist the GAR.

Alanna Monroe

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