Darth Umbra

The Sith Lord who rules Dorin


Darth Umbra commands the Star Destroyer Shadow, and has a strange fixation on Tisturra G’narr. He will stop at nothing to turn her to the Dark Side, but is indifferent to the rabble she surrounds herself with.

In addition to being responsible for the Kel Dor system and maintaining the blockade around Kel Dor, Darth Umbra has used influence and blackmail to subvert Imperial Intelligence to his own ends.

Darth Umbra was killed during the Liberation of Dorin. The final blow was struck by Jinroh Takeda, who dropped a thermal detonator at the Sith Lord’s feet. As Darth Umbra lay dying, he activated a timer rigged to explosives throughout the Baran Do temple, hoping to destroy the Kel Dor dissidents with him. His efforts were once again foiled as Dr. Momar stayed behind to delay the explosives while his comrades escaped the catacombs.

Darth Umbra

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