Jinroh Takeda

Human, Jedi Knight


The jedi known as Jinroh Takeda is a refugee from the world of Coruscant.

After his sensitivity to the force manifested at a young age his parents smuggled him off-world to the safety of the Jedi. He traveled from world to world, passing through space stations and hiding in cargo holds of any ship that would take him.

Takeda’s early training was limited by his nomadic lifestyle, receiving little formal training beyond data pads and books. He’d barely begun his training as a padawan before he reached the age of 20, not even close to the rank of knight by the age of 30.

It became his goal to find his promised family, the Jedi, and a master to train him in the ways of the force.

Living on the run shaped Takeda’s behaviour toward others. Slow to trust, taciturn, and humourless.

Finally, when the opportunity for him to receive formal Jedi training he was sent to the Baran Do on Dorin. The Baran Do Sages arranged for Takeda’s apprenticeship, taking him on under the auspices of a “student exchange program.” It was there he studied the ways of the sages and studied the Kel Dor culture.

Takeda engaged in a brutal regime of hand to hand combat training, self-deprivation, fasting and prolonged meditation while on Dorin. He thought if he was unfit for a proper master and formal training he could earn it through strict study and practice.

When the imperial ships pulled into orbit and laid siege to Dorin, the Baran Do hid him away, saving his life. After he secured passage on a ship he swore an oath to return to Dorin, and free the Baran Do, the closest thing he had to a family, and the people to whom he owed his life.

Recent history

-Takeda considers himself the student of Master Rune Rahn, a dead Jedi who lives on in a holocron. He also serves Master Denia, the Jedi he helped rescue from the gangster Zetia the Hutt.

-He serves as a crew member on the Krayt Dragon

-Discovered the hidden Jedi Academy with Master Denia

-Purified Darth Maul’s dual-blade lightsaber and gave it a new name upon promotion to Jedi Knight.

-Felled a Sith nightmare beast

-Single-handedly took down an AT-ST walker during a planetary rebellion.

-Successfully felled an airship single-handedly by making an acrobatic, lightsaber assault

-Participated in an assault with the Galactic Alliance Remnant to liberate Dorin from Imperial control.

-Lost his leg during a mortal duel with Darth Umbra.

-Killed Darth Umbra by igniting a thermal detonator at point blank range.

-Rescued by Koro Zil and his trusty jetpack.


Jinroh Takeda

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