Jodo Nast

A tech-using bounty hunter who was in the wrong place in the wrong time


Jodo Nast was a young man who decided he could use his facility building and commanding droids to make some easy money as a bounty hunter; his custom droids would do all the work, and he would collect the pay. Nast made some easy credits capturing small time bounties and began to consider himself a pretty big deal.

Nast was in the Dorin system when the Empire put out on exorbitant bounty on a number of Galactic Alliance Remnant sympathizers that had escaped the Planet Dorin. Nast was familiar with the Dorin run, and he knew that if he waited at the exit of the treacherous hyperspace route, he could be the first to capture the criminals and make a fortune. He laid in wait with his Galaxy-Class cruiser The SuperConductor and a gravity mine, and was rewarded when the mine ensnared the Ghtroc Freighter known as The Endeavour. Unfortunately from there, Nast’s plans did not pan out. Nast’s droids met heavy resistance on The Endeavour, and a space-walking Jedi disabled his ship during the melee.

Nast was captured by the crew of The Endeavour and marooned on the desert planet of Klatooine. The SuperConductor was quickly sold at the shadowport known as Point Nadir, having the distinction of being the first of many captured ships for the crew of The Endeavour.

Jodo Nast

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