Jon Dar

GAR Ordnance Officer and Troubleshooting Field Operative


Jon Dar is a bold and tenacious commando and scout for the GAR, Jon is one of Admiral Stazi’s most trusted field agents.


Born on Corellia, Jon grew up in a middle class household with dreams of being a soldier. As he grew older, these childhood fantasies gradually gave way to society’s mainstream goals of riches and success so he began training to become a professional smashball player.

In college, he received scholarships for both academics and athletics and was a shoe-in to Corellia’s most prestegious universities. He applied himself to his goals and was scouted by multiple teams, receiving multiple offers upon his graduation. Instead of taking the better paying jobs off world however, Jon Dar took a lower playing position in order to represent his home planet among the less-than-prestegious Corellian Dreadnaughts.

Unfortunately, destiny had other plans for Jon Dar. The night of his being accepted to the team, he was involved in a speeder accident while carousing the town with his friends. The accident left him without his left leg and ended his smashball career before it had truly begun. He spent a long time in recovery both mentally and physically, grasping at a new direction in his life and remembered the days of his childhood when he dreamed of being a soldier. The Galactic Alliance just happened to offer cybernetic prosthesis to their personnel and even new recruits provided they signed on for a five year tour. He quickly passed the entry exam and never looked back.

Jon Dar applied himself in the military the same way he applied himself in college. He mastered military tactics, the use of all forms of weapons and even mechanics and piloting, working closely with the Alliance Navy on multiple occasions. After the battle of Caamas, Jon worked directly under Admiral Gar Stazi and has become a close friend and confidant of the Admiral for his never say die attitude. Jon Dar is used to fighting with the odds stacked against him and achieving victory in any way possible. He is living his childhood dream, though it seems less wonderous than he would have imagined it.

Jon Dar still follows the Corellian Dreadnaughts on the Holonet and watched them turn into a championship team, mostly due to their star player, Oran Secura.

Jon Dar

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