Khaldaril Anjik

A Bothan Crime lord who hates the Empire and never forgets a slight


In a galaxy dominated by the Hutt clans and the Black Sun Syndicate, Khaldaril Anji has managed to carve out a niche for himself in the criminal world. Once an honest politician on Bothawui, Khaldaril was one of the many Bothans to lose their positions under the Imperial regime.

Initially believing the Galactic Alliance to be too naive and idealistic, Khaldaril turned to the fringe to strike back at the Empire. Using his knowledge of bureaucracy and his skills at leadership, Khaldaril quickly carved himself a modest criminal empire founded around disparate interests such as smuggling and gambling.

Khaldaril saw in Oran Secura the perfect agent; charismatic, dynamic, and forceful. Khaldaril engineered a debt for the Smashball star, and then allowed him the opportunity to pay off the debt with a smuggling job to Kel Dor. Things did not go to plan on that planet, but Khaldaril was not about to give up a promising operative over such a triviality. He transmitted the coordinates of a shadowport known as Point Nadir to Secura, and tasked him with securing a valuable remote droid processor. Secura and his allies chose instead to sell the processor to the organization known as Epsis, and Khaldaril knew that he needed to make an example out of Secura. Khaldaril put out on exorbitant price of Secura’s head and hired the galaxy’s most elite bounty hunters.

However, in a strange twist of fate, Anjik once again finds himself working with Secura. Anjik has allied himself with the Galactic Alliance Remnant, as he had come to see in them the best route to return the galaxy to the way it once was. Now Anjik and his shadow network gather intelligence for the GAR, while Secura and his allies act on that intelligence.

After repeated successful dealings with Momar’s Mauraders and in particular, Oran Secura, Khaldaril has decided to remove the bounty from the former smashball player’s head. He recognises Secura’s importance in overthrowing the Empire and in the spirit of unity has decided to make their alliance formal. This has taken a lot of heat off of Secura but unfortunately, the Juggernaut isn’t in the bounty hunting game just for the money and despite the removal of the bounty, he still hunts relentlessly for Secura.

Khaldaril Anjik

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