Koro Zil

Tisturra G'narr's loyal friend and bodyguard.


The Borel family was once one of the most powerful noble houses on Dorin. Five-hundred years ago, they attempted a coup against the ruling Gnar dynasty to establish themselves as the ruling house of Dorin.
However, their coup was sabotaged from the inside by Zil Borel, the second born son of the Borel house who believed that destroying the force-sensitive Gnar bloodline and replace it with their own which was not force sensitive would place Dorin at a disadvantage in the galactic community. Choosing idealism and the well-being of his world over his family, Zil organized a planetary resistance and stopped the coup before the entire Gnar house could be destroyed. The Gnar dynasty swiftly stripped the Borel house of all of their lands, titles and holdings and exiled the surviving Borels off of Dorin forever. For Zil’s actions however, they offered him his own noble household and most of the wealth and land that had been taken from what he once considered his family. Zil refused. Disgusted by his family’s greed and thirst for power and knowing that his former house’s wealth and holdings would be better used to repair the damage to Dorin that the coup had caused, asked only that he and any heirs he would sire would be allowed to protect the Gnar house as long as both bloodlines existed.

From that day forward, the Gnar adopted Zil and all of his heirs as a minor vassal family in a place of great honor. The Zil house has loyally served and protected the Gnar house for five-hundred years, acting as their bodyguards, servants, military advisors and most importantly, their trusted friends.

Koro Zil comes from this noble heritage and is the perfect example of what any Zil aspires to be. Trained in the use of all conventional weapons and armor as well as piloting and tactics, Koro was assigned to be Tistura’s protector at a young age. The two became fast friends as Tistura’s rebellious nature and mischievous plans often required an accomplice. The two children grew up together, terrorizing the palace, raiding the kitchens and exploring the old crypts beneath the palace that hold the remains of every Gnar to rule on Dorin.

Koro Zil is like most of his family in that he not sensitive to the force and he is subservient to the Gnar house. He follows Tistura’s orders without question and is usually given great latitude in how he goes about performing his duties. As Tistura’s tactical prowess has grown, Koro has taken the position of being her executive officer in all military matters.

Koro is patient, alert, and open minded. He is not afraid to stand up to Tistura when he believes that she is doing something that could bring her harm but generally trusts that she knows what she is doing.
Koro Zil is a hardened veteran of combat and has even served as a combat trainer for the Nazren people after their planet was liberated from the Empire. In the field, he is highly adaptable and wields an interchangeable weapon system, enabling him to act as a sniper, heavy fire support or close quarters combatant. His armor is equipped with a jetpack which he has uses to gain the higher ground and to surprise the enemy. Koro is also trained with most melee weapons, though he often travels with enough ammunition that he has never been required to fight hand to hand, preferring to subdue his enemies with overwhelming and devastating barrages of blaster fire.

He has sworn to protect princess Tistura Gnar from everyone and everything, even herself and he never lets anything stop him from achieving his mission.

Fearing the return of any jealous Borel survivors, the Zil house has worked hard, secretly stocking weapons and assets for years in strategic locations throughout the planet as well as hiding some of the Gnar offspring amongst the general populace and even off world so that even if the Gnar house was wiped out, there would always be survivors to carry on the Gnar legacy.

Koro is well liked by the party for his easy going nature and his dependability. He is at the forefront of every battle and absorbs most of the enemy fire, further endearing him to his comrades. He yearns for the day that Dorin will be free of Imperial control with house Gnar regaining their benevolent governance of the planet. When Tistura moves to retake her home, Koro will be at her side.

Koro Zil

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