Master of the Order Umaj Do'a


Umaj Do’a is the Master of the Baran Do Force Sages on Kel Dor. Umaj is a gentle and serene woman, who seems somehow haunted; whether it be by something in her past or something she has glimpsed in the future is unknown.

The Baran Do order granted shelter to Jinroh Takeda, a young Jedi who was teaching Jedi arts to the Baran Do while learning the secrets of Baran Do Vision-casting, when Darth Krayt seized power in the Galaxy and attempted to hunt the Jedi to extinction. Jinrohs stayed concealed in the secret crypts of the Baran Do temple for some time, until Master of the Order Umaj Do’a exhorted him to leave. She knew the young Jedi would encounter danger if he left the Baran Do temple, but knew he would face even greater danger if he stayed, for she had foreseen the arrival of the Sith Lord known as Darth Umbra.

According to official Imperial news releases on the Holonet, the seditious Force cult known as the Baran Do have been eliminated from the face of the galaxy. Master Umaj Do’a’s fate is unknown.


Master of the Order Umaj Do'a

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