Dr. Fland Momar

A skilled and cunning Ithorian scientist and scout


Dr. Momar appears as a reserved and quiet Ithorian with a brown complexion, equipped with all manner of technological gadgets. He has forgone his lab coat in place of combat fatigues to better suit the changing times. He is often seen with a sniper rifle, prefering to fight at range or from behind cover on the battlefield.

Level 12 Medium Ithorian (Noble 3, Jedi 3, Scoundrel 2, Soldier 1, Scout 2, Force Adept 1)
Destiny 8, Force 11, Dark Side 0
Initiative 21 Perception 21
Languages Barabel, Basic, Binary, Bocce, Bothese, Clawdite, Dosh, Durese, High Galactic, Hutteese, Ithorese, Kel Dor, Mon Calamarian, Shyriiwook, Zabrak
Defenses Fortitude 26, Reflex 31 (Flat-footed) 25, Will 33
Hit Points 95, Damage Threshold 26
Immune Diseases, Toxins, Radiation
Speed 6 squares

Melee Vibrodaggar +8 (2d4 + 4)
Ranged Sniper Rifle +14 (3d10 + 6)
Ranged Heavy Blaster Pistol +14 (3d8 + 6)
Base Attack +8
Attack Options Point Blank Shot
Special Actions Bellow, Equilibrium, Force Recovery, Negotiate, Shake It Off
Force Powers Known (Use The Force +21) Farseeing, Force Stun, Force Thrust, Negate Energy, Rebuke, Vital Transfer, Soul Transfer, Blind, Drain Energy, Fold Space

Strength 11, Dexterity 11, Constitution 13, Intelligence 22, Wisdom 19, Charisma 21
Wealth, Force Perception, Adept Negotiator, Master Negotiator, Knack, Equilibrium, Force Recovery, Force Treatment, Fortified Body, Force Intuition, Force Persuasion
Cybernetic Surgery, Force Sensitivity, Force Training 2, Linguist 1, Point Blank Shot, Shake It Off, Skill Focus: Life Sciences, Use The Force, Surgical Expertise, Weapon Proficiency: Simple Weapons, Pistols, Rifles, Lightsabers, Technical Specialist, Predictive Defense, Combat Trigonometry
Deception +16, Endurance +12, Gather Information +16, Initiative +21, Knowledge: Bureaucracy +17, Life Sciences +22, Physical Sciences +17, Social Sciences +17, Tactics + 17, Technology +17, Perception +21, Persuasion +21, Survival +15, Treat Injury +21, Use Computer +17, Use The Force + 21

Sniper Rifle, Vibrodaggar, Heavy Blaster Pistol, Datapad, Holorecorder, Surgery Kit, All Temperature Cloak, Field Kit, Concealed Holster, Comlink (Long-Range), Sensor Pack, First Aid Kit, 21B Medical Droid (Nicholas), Flight Suit, Med Kit, Pin (Sable Dawn 4-point silver star), Thermal Detonator, Vaccuum Survival Pouch, Droid Diagnostic, Field Food Processor, Tech Kit, Low-Light Goggles, Antirad Dose x5, Radiation Detector, Communications Scanner, Personal Field Shelter, MDS-50 Medical Scanner, Glow Rod x4, Net, Broken Lightsaber, Stockly Spray Stick, DC-19 Stealth Carbine x2, Voice Amplifier, Code Cylinder, Pocket Scrambler, Breath Mask, Imperial Cypher

Credits: 88,410
Dr. Momar has fulfilled both the Discovery and Rescue destinies.


Dr. Momar is one of the galaxy’s most brilliant minds. Charismatic, cunning and wise beyond his years, Fland Momar is a motivated genius and received his doctorates in both Engineering and Medicine on Ithor at a relatively young age. He has received extensive medical training in treating all injuries and ailments in virtually every known species.

A renowned naturalist, Momar has written many papers on various life forms throughout the galaxy with particular emphasis on Botany, Entomolgy and Microbiology. Dr. Momar intially took up the study of life sciences as a hobby but after numerous successful publications, he received an honorary doctorate from a prestigious university on Dac. While the doctor has had little time to focus on these interests due to his responsibilities in the war effort, he will occasionally get side tracked while exploring new planets with his crew, falling behind to collect samples. He is particularily interested in the anatomy and genetics of force sensitive life forms.

Dr. Momar has a firm grasp on linguistics and speaks over a dozen languages. He often speaks for the party in matters of diplomacy, bartering or aggressive negotiations.

Despite his rather clinical approach to life, Dr. Momar is a deep philisophical and soft-hearted thinker. The doctor is a healer by nature and does not like to see people suffer. He despises torture and refuses to execute prisoners. He is also an active supporter of droid rights and his name can be found on petitions on nearly every inhabited world arguing for droid freedom.

Being mechanically inclined, engineering, design, repair, maintenance, astrogation, computer programming, slicing and anything technological comes naturally to the doctor. He relates machines to living organisims in many of their functions, though he is also mindful of their considerable differences. Dr. Momar is a technical expert and has personally overseen most of the upgrades to the Krayt Dragon. He has also designed new technology for the purposes of medical treatment including the life support system which keeps Dalias Prime’s head alive without an organic body. He has personally upgraded the weapons of every member of the party.

Dr. Momar was never a supporter of the Empire and disagreed ethically with many Imperial policies but never actively opposed them until the events which transpired on Dorin when Alanna Monroe, the pilot of his research vessel, was arrested under suspicions of being a rebel sympathiser. Dr. Momar was nearly arrested as well but managed to escape after finding a new pilot and crew by happenstance while taking shelter in a cantina from a storm. Since that day, he has been very active in destabilizing Imperial influence wherever he goes. His particular talents have made him an excellent counter-intelligence operative and he is frequently slicing into Imperial networks, stealing vital information and filling Imperial databanks with viruses and junk data.

Though he is not physically strong or agile, Dr. Momar can hold his own in combat. Using his intimate knowledge of physics, Momar is able to make instant calculations during battle which make him a competent fighter at range. Dr. Momar prefers to fight at a distance from behind cover whenever possible. The Doctor uses an upgraded precision sniper rifle and though he is nowehere near as lethal as his more combat oriented companions, he effectively uses diversionary tactics and flanking maneuvers in combat to confuse the enemy, playing more of a supporting role. Dr. Momar is also an adept tactician.

Dr. Momar regrets leaving Alanna Monroe behind on Dorin and wishes he had opposed the Empire earlier. He feels he was able to redeem himself from what he feels was cowardice in the face of opression by rescuing Alanna Monroe along with the Sarlaac project design team from the Imachi Spire. Currently, he is working towards building alliances and support of the Rebellion so that Dorin might be freed from Imperial control forever. To that end, he has provided considerable financial support to the Rebel Alliance fleet to keep them provisioned and able to better combat the Empire.

After considerable scientific study into the nature of force sensitivity, Dr. Momar was able to artificially instill force sensitivity in himself by significant alterations to his own genetics. He has recently revealed this to his companions, receiving mixed responses. Dr. Momar’s new abilities have a particular focus toward defense and healing.

After capturing Dalias Omega on Korriban, Fland Momar now possesses the secrets to cloning technology. He and Dalias Prime are in the process of using this revolutionary equipment to create organ transplants for the wounded Rebel soldiers.

Dr. Fland Momar has become a priority target for the Empire as his efficacious assaults against Imperial interests have caused them considerable setbacks. On Imperial news networks, he is depicted as a terrorist and is credited with the destruction of the Imachi Spire on Coruscant, though in truth, it was destroyed by the Sith. His Imperial dossier warns that Dr. Momar is believed to have the ability to utilize Biological and Chemical weaponry.

Dr. Momar was killed during the assault on Dorin. After Darth Umbra was defeated in the catacombs of the Baran Do temple, the Sith Lord activated a self destruct protocol. Dr. Momar stayed behind to delay the explosion long enough for his comrades to escape from the collapsing temple.

In memory to Dr. Momar’s efforts and his sacrifice, the Kel Dor people rebuilt the area over the Baran Do temple, renaming it Momar Plaza. General Tistura G’nar organized the creation of a Republic special operations unit named Momar’s Mauraders. The unit teams up specialists of multiple fields, operating in small cells to perform delicate operations that most spec ops teams wouldn’t be able to. High Mother Najii of the Ithorian Restoration Council created two memorial scholarships, one for gifted medical students of the highest moral qualities and the other for engineering students of unusual inventiveness.

Dr. Fland Momar

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