Mother Najji


Mother Najji is a high-ranking Ithorian Nature Priest, a woman who controls considerable influence in the Council of Restoration.

After the devastation of Ithor in the Yuzhaan Vong war, the best of brightest of the Ithorian herdships assembled and tried to develop a plan to return the planet to its former glory. While standard terraforming procedures were utilized, many species that were lost were rare or unique – however, it has been the contention of Mother Najji that some of the lost species may be found on distant worlds. Without the knowledge or consent of the Council of Restoration, Mother Najji put together funds for a ship so that the brilliant Dr. Fland Momar could search the galaxy for new or lost animals and plants, to both aid in the restoration of Ithor and advance the cause of Galactic knowledge, even in these dark times.

After Dr. Momar’s research ship, the Endeavour, was captured by the Empire on the planet Kel Dor, Mother Najji feared all hope for saving Ithor was lost. However, she was later contacted by Dr. Momar who convinced her to lend assistance to the Galactic Alliance Remnant to end the tyranny of Darth Krayt. As a pacifist, Mother Najji reluctantly agreed to provide medical assistance. It is her hope that once the galaxy is free once again, Dr. Momar will put his considerable drive and talent for the natural sciences towards the restoration of Ithor once again.

Mother Najji

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