Prince Dalius Omega


An ancient and desiccated husk of what was once a man, Dalias is kept alive only though various artifical means.


The boy who would become Prince Dalius grew up a slave on Tatooine. Dale was a bright and perceptive child – he quickly learned that on Tatooine, as in much of the Galaxy, the strong preyed upon the week. However, he also deduced that strength was something earned. As a young man, Dale killed his owner to secure his freedom. Through intelligence and sheer ruthlessness, Dale quickly carved himself out a modest criminal empire. Dale was poised to become a real force on Tatooine, rivaling even the Hutts, when he was betrayed by his most trusted lieutenant, Darren Loran. Dale was lucky to escape with his life, but was forced to watch in horror was Darren quickly ran Dale’s criminal enterprises into the ground. It was then that he decided he needed a force he could trust implicitly, and the only person he could trust was himself. Cloning was the answer.

Dale discovered a cloning facility near the remains of the planet Byss, and quickly developed his first two clones. Dale rechristened himself Prince Dalius Omega, and with his Prince Dalius Prime clones, he was ready to become a force in the galaxy. Soon Prince Dalius had a loyal army to do his bidding, but he eventually found a foe that he could not best: time. Dalius put himself into suspended animation and tasked his clone army with finding a way to extend his life span.

Dalius was awakened by his failsafe programs when both of the Dalius Primes were killed. Seeing his empire once again brought to ruin and his quest to turn back time no closer to completion, Dalius took a desperate measure: he reached out to Darth Maladi. Maladi was widely known as a brilliant scientist, but also a dangerously insane individual. Dalius provided Maladi with clones for experimentation in exchange for a way to expand his lifespan, but the arrangement was brought to an abrupt end by the very forces that had destroyed Dalius’s criminal empire. Dalius is now in the custody of the Galactic Alliance Remnant, returned to suspended animation after providing his cloning facilities to the GAR in exchange for Dr. Momar’s promise to attempt to extend his lifespan.

Prince Dalius Omega

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