Prince Dalius Prime('s Head)

Self styled "Prince" and former crime lord


Dalius appears as a head in a jar on top of a protocol droids body. Various tubes and wiring attach to veins, arteries and nerve centers in Dalius’s head which is suspended in specially designed bacta.


Prince Dalias is a human clone of Dalias Omega. He ages twice as fast as a normal human would due to his genetic sequencing but otherwise appears identical to Dalias Omega, albeit much younger. Prince Dalias or Dalias Prime as he was designated, was one of two leadership clones to be produced by Dalias Omega to further his goals. Forced to obey by commands trained in his psyche, Dalias Prime longs of the death of Dalias Omega so that he can be truly free. Dalias Prime is unlike Dalias Omega in that he actually cares about the Dale clones.

After his defeat by Momar’s Mauraders on Naboo, Dalius was sent at gunpoint by Koro Zil onto Darth Maul’s ship, the Scimitar to clear any traps. Dalius found a trap and sustained a mortal wound. Thanks to the medical intervention of Dr. Momar, Dalius was saved. Or rather, his head was. Having suffered massive trauma to his torso and most of his organs, Momar was forced to remove Dalius’ head from his ruined body and nourish it with oxygen and energy through artificial means.

Despite, or perhaps because of these events, Dalius and Momar have come to an understanding and hope to one day be business partners in cloning technology. As a sign of good faith, Momar constructed a droid body for Dalius which allows him ambulation. Momar hopes to use cloning technology to fashion a new body for the Prince. Now that the cloning technology on Byss is in the doctor’s hands, this hope is much closer to becomming a reality.

After the destruction of Point Nadir, Dalius was captured by an Imperial strike team along with the Krayt Dragon and most of the Momar’s droid crew. He was studied extensively by Imperial technicians for the rather unorthodox methods used to preserve his life.

After escaping with 93-D, Thomas and Sleepy; Dalias served aboard the Forged Destiny, attacking Imperial trade lanes. With the discovery of a mature batch of Dale clones on Byss, Dalias has taken up care and leadership of the clones, reluctantly agreeing that they coould participate in the fight against the Empire.

Prince Dalius Prime('s Head)

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