Admiral Gar Stazi

The Leader of the Galactic Alliance Remnant


Wily and determined, Admiral Gar Stazi is a successful fleet commander. He is outspoken, and known to propose unorthodox courses of action. His fighting withdrawal from the debacle at Caamas made him a legend with Imperial commanders, as well as revered by those that serve under him. Stazi shows tactical and strategic prowess, demonstrating an ability not only to win battles, but to see the larger strategic picture. This was evidenced by his decision to cripple the Mon Calamari Shipyards, which deprived the Sith of a major source of capital ships, as well as a major base of operations in the Outer Rim Territories.

Seven years of fighting the Sith-controlled Empire gave Stazi little patience, as well as a distrust of Imperial motives, evidenced by his reluctance to trust Roan Fel’s representative during negotiations on the Wheel. This was also echoed by Alliance personnel like Rogue Squadron commander Jhoram Bey, who warned his subordinates not to keep the admiral waiting for critical information. However, Stazi is compassionate, to his friends and enemies.

Committed to defeating the Sith, Stazi made clear to the officers and crew serving under him that no one individual was more important than the cause; freeing the galaxy from the oppression of the Sith. Despite his reputation, Stazi refusess to see himself as an icon, wanting the Galactic Alliance to go on should he be killed.

Aside from his command abilities, Stazi is also a multilinguist, capable of understanding Basic, Binary, Bocce, Durese, High Galactic, and Huttese.

Admiral Gar Stazi

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