R3 series astromech droid


Thomas is an R3 series astromech droid and looks similar to most others of his series.


Thomas is equipped with a heuristic processor and has not undergone a memory wipe in nearly twenty years. Because of his evolved personality, Thomas lead and directed all other droids aboard the Krayt Dragon. This crew included ten security droids, eight astromech pilot droids and over a dozen repair droids. While Thomas was once owned by Dr. Fland Momar, he was granted his freedom following 93-D’s capture of point Nadir from Epsis control. Thomas chose to remain aboard the Dragon to continue to improve his expertise to help his organic crewmates. While Thomas is still learning about the concepts of freedom, leadership and subtle social niceties, he has been given a great deal of support by Dr. Momar in pursuing his self-awareness.

Like most astromechs, Thomas is skilled at mechanics, computers and piloting. He can astrogate, pilot and repair nearly any ship. Thomas has been fitted with a number of upgrades including extra attachments, hands, a voice modulator and language processor as well as armor plating and a portable shield generator. Thomas has also undergone processor upgrades making him more intelligent than most droids.

Thomas is given a great deal of latitude in how he performs his duties and often goes above and beyond what is required. While the party was away on missions, Thomas constantly monitored Imperial traffic and communications in order to keep the party updated of any danger.

Thomas lead his first rebel mission when he successfully organized the Krayt Dragon’s escape from an Imperial controlled port using an all droid crew.

After the destruction of Point Nadir by the Empire, Thomas was captured along with the Krayt Dragon. With the help of his fellow astromech Sleepy, Thomas was able to repair 93-D and free Dalias Prime. The four of them reactivated the Dragon’s security droids and retook the Krayt Dragon to escape from Imperial custody. After these events, Thomas wanted to take a more active role in the fight against the Empire, and with Momar’s blessing, he became the first mate and pilot aboard 93-D’s Forged Destiny. They have become a persistant nuisance along Imperial trade routes.


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