Zan Dane

A swashbuckler seeking revenge


Zan Dane is a charismatic and successful pirate captain, usually accompanied by his crew. He is very comfortable in his own skin and moves with the practiced grace of an agile combat vereran. Around those he does not know, or on the holoscreen of ships he plans on hijacking, he appears to be lazily lounging on his captain’s chair while he sizes up his mark. His left eye is cybernetic.


Zan Dane believes the only thing lasting in the galaxy is a person’s legend. To that end, he once sought to make his reputation immortal in order to be remembered in galactic lore. He has a preferance for Consular Class Frigates which lead to his initial confrontation with the party. Since then, it has become the catalyst of an uneasy friendship. Captain Dane repects boldness in his enemies as much as his friends, as that quality reminds him of himself.

Zane Dane managed to escape the destruction on Point Nadir, only to be attacked by an Imperial Blockade surrounding the asteroid base. After a brutal fight, Zan Dane and his crew were captured. For his crimes against the Empire, Zan Dane was sentenced to death. However, when Darth Maladi learned that Zan Dane was an aquaintance of Dr. Momar, she had him transfered to her laboratory on Korriban where she conducted unspeakable acts on the pirate captain and his crew. Zan Dane managed to get ahold of a comlink and program it to contact Momar. The crew of the Dragon rescued him shortly afterward.

Now recovered from his physical wounds, and with a cybernetic eye to replace the one he lost while being tortured, Zan Dane is eager to take the fight to the Empire. Fueled by a burning need for revenge for the atrocities committed on himself and his men, he will stop at nothing to see the downfall of Darth Krayt and his One Sith. To further this goal, he has pledged his support to the GAR, with the condition that he will only work with Admiral Stazi, not for him.

Zan Dane lost his flagship, the Fortune, in the escape from Korriban when he chose to crash it into an Imperial Star Destroyer rather than let it fall once again into Imperial hands. He currently has two other heavily gunned republic cruisers at his disposal as well as various smaller craft which make up his pirate fleet.

Zan Dane has a kind of friendly rivalry with the party. When he first encountered them, he had planned on capturing their newly acquired republic cruiser, the Krayt Dragon. Despite being heavily outgunned, Dr. Momar and Tistura G’nar managed to convince the pirate that further combat would see nearly all of the participating ships destroyed. They agreed on a compromise, giving the pirate captain their old ship, the Endeavor. Captain Dane has a lot of respect for the party, especially after they saved his life of Korriban. Despite this, he often makes the jab that he would have taken both of the party’s ships when they first met, if he had been inclined to try.

During the Liberation of Dorin, Zan Dane lead his men to take the planetary palace. His efforts against the Empire there are still the talk of Dorin. The raid on the palace rekindled a part of Zan Dane that he had thought lost in Maladi’s torture room on Korriban. After decimating the palace garrison, Zan Dane raided the palace of wealth leaving only the Gnar house holding unpillaged. He took many hostages which he held for exhorbant sums, one or two of whom eventually joined his crew.

After the death of Dr. Momar, Zan Dane left the GAR fleet, his oath fulfilled. He once again raids the Imperial trade lanes with a special tenacity for capturing or destroying Imperial ships. Alliance republic ships however, are usually left unscathed. It is said that he has developed an uncharacteristic special fondness for Ithorians and according to Ithorian leadership, none of their transports have suffered from pirate attacks since Dorin’s liberation.

Zan Dane

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