The Krayt Dragon

Modified Republic Class Consular Cruiser


The Krayt Dragon is a near mint condition Consular Class Frigate. It boasts a number of modifications of questionable legality.


The Krayt Dragon is a near mint condition Consular Class Frigate which sat in a warehouse since it’s construction. Since its aquisition by the party, many expensive upgrades have been added to the ship, most notably a stygian cloaking device which allows the ship to travel completely undetected. It also boasts a type one hyperdrive with a type two backup hyperdrive in case of primary failure. With an advanced sensor package, jamming suite and an advanced Navcomputer, the Dragon is the perfect ship to get in and out of a system undetected, making it ideal for reconaissance missions. Hidden smuggling compartments with jettisonable cargo systems leave smuggling opportunities open but unfortunately, the Krayt Dragon has obtained a very anti-Imperial reputation rendering these compartments superflous.

Dr. Momar has installed a top of the line medical bay for the intensive care that the party often requires after missions.

While the weapon systems of the ship are currently minimal due to lack of funding, the weapon systems it does possess are top of the line. With a fully upgraded photon torpedo launcher and a powerful turbolaser, the Dragon can more than hold its own in combat. Reinforced bulkheads provide greater durability in combat and a heavily upgraded sublight drive has made it one of the fastest ships in the Rebel fleet. A team of repair droids on board allows for combat repairs.

To create more room for combat systems, the escape pods which came installed by the manufacturer have been replaced with a large lifeboat capable of housing the entire crew.

The Krayt Dragon is not a luxurious ship, but it is home to the party. Having spent most of their hard-earned credits investing into improvements for the ship, the party is financially and emotionally invested in its well-being.

The Krayt Dragon

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