Rune Rahn holocron

The holocron of Jedi Master Ruhn Rahn


A holocron possessing the knowledge, wisdom and personality of Jedi Rune Rahn. The stern master offers his wisdom to those who have earned it, indicating a complex security algorithm was created to prevent access by unauthorized users. Physically the holocron is a green icosahedron that is unassuming when inert, but pulses with a gentle green light when active.

Subjects available for study include: Folding space, meditation routines, mind shard, and the Unleashed feat.


Recovered from the bazaar by Jinroh Takeda on point Nadir, this holocron is all that remains of the once legendary Master Rune Rahn. From before the Great Hyperspace War, when the Jedi Order was still in its infancy, Master Rune Rahn developed esoteric meditation techniques that allowed him to unlock powerful secrets of the force. Rahn was also instrumental in the creation of the Jedi philosophy; he stressed that a Jedi should be free from attachments above all else.

Realizing that the great power afforded by his secret techniques could be dangerous in the wrong hands, Master Rahn developed a system of teaching that ensured that only those who would wield the power with wisdom and foresight would be able to learn it. Perhaps it was the severity of his teaching method that caused him and his secrets to fade into obscurity, but there is great wisdom and power to be earned in this holocron.

Rune Rahn holocron

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