The Shadow

Darth Umbra's Star Destroyer


The Shadow is the flagship of the Imperial fleet above Dorin. Darth Umbra commands it personally in order to oversee the Imperial presence of his world.


The Shadow is a modified Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer equipped with a prototype stealth drive developed by Imperial Engineers. The drive has been named, The Shadow Generator. Linked to the massive ship’s shield generators, the Shadow Generator wreathes the ship in an inky blackness of atomic particles which effectively cloak it from ships sensors. While it cloaks the Shadow from ships sensors and therefore also to other ship’s targetting computers, the Shadow Generator is not a true cloaking device as it is still visible to the naked eye; if a ship can get close enough to see it.

When the stealth field is activated, the ship takes on the appearance of black cloud surrounded by twisting tendrils of particles escaping the field of shielding. The dark metal of the star destroyer can occasionally be glimpsed underneath.

On any given night, the Kel Dor people can look into the night sky to see the lights of the Imperial fleet in high orbit overhead and at the center of them is a blackness that seems to swallow the stars, reminding them that they are always under the shadow of the Empire.

The Shadow

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