Star Wars: The Edge of Darkness

Jinroh, post-Umbra

Tistura noted how quiet it was deep in the catacombs of the new Jedi temple. Buildings had been repurposed and built rapidly after the invasion. New structures were going up every day … but here … it was silent. The only noise was the quiet hum of air circulators.

The Jedi Order had quietly moved in and begun the rebuilding process, welcoming a steady trickle of force sensitives from across the aligned worlds. Tistura placed her mask across her face and set her goggles over her eyes. Her husband, Koro, clicked his mask into place. It’d been months since she’d worn it. A sign on the wall had warning symbols and a foreign language written on it – it read – “danger, atmospheric masks required.”

She approached the airlock door and opened it, stepping into a second, smaller chamber. Koro closed the airlock behind them. He felt the unusual sensation of the room repressurizing with an oxygen-laden atmosphere and his ears popped. A light flashed twice and remained lit on the third pulse. They stepped into the human quarters of the temple, a compartmentalized section that didn’t require a breathing apparatus for non-Kel Dor.

A young padawan stood on the other side and greeted them perfunctorily.

“General. Welcome,” the padawan bowed deeply, his brown robes hung down over his face, shrouding his face.

Tistura nodded her head. Koro adjusted his belt and grunted softly. The padawan wordlessly led them through the narrow, darkened corridors, twisting and turning throughout the maze. It was an inefficient layout but possibly designed that way on purpose.

“How is he? You Jedi haven’t been exactly forthcoming with his whereabouts.”

“Hmm?” The padawan continued to walk.

“He doesn’t answer his mail. He never returns any calls. The protocol droids are annoyingly unhelpful in setting up meetings,” Tistura felt her throat tighten in exasperation.

“I am sorry ma’am. I am not privy to the comings and goings of Master Jinroh.”

After an indeterminate time and a walk that seemed to deliver them to the deepest, most inconvenient recesses of the human quarter, the padawan stopped before a doorway and pressed a button. A chime trilled softly. A few moments passed.

“Send them in,” the electronic voice of Jinroh chirped through a speaker.

The padawan opened the door and motioned for Tistura and Koro to enter. He stayed outside and closed the door behind them. Inside, the room was illuminated by a single lamp on a desk. The rest of the room was in shadow. This didn’t bother either of the Kel Dor, their visors compensated for the lack of light.

Jinroh approached them slowly, a smile flirted at the edges of his mouth and at the corners of his eyes. He held a cane in his left hand, using it to support his weight as he walked. He limped toward his friends, his cane softly clicking on floor. He opened his arms.

“Koro!” Jinroh hugged Koro gently. The personal contact threw Koro off. In the many trials and adventures they’d had, the Jedi had not once shown physical affection for his companions. Koro returned the hug and warmly patted his friend on the back. “It is good to see you.”

The sight of the thin, white, oak cane was discomfiting to Tistura and Koro. Seeing their friend hobbling about with a wooden stick was off-putting. He turned to Tistura and nodded his head. “General.”

Using her title was an unnecessary formality. With less than a sentence, Jinroh placed an emotional barrier between them.

Neither he or Tistura made a move to give each other a hug. Koro felt the most awkward of all three. He opened his mouth to speak but Jinroh spun on his good leg and limped to a counter in the corner. “Tea? I was just about to have a cup myself.”

Jinroh fiddled with the dials on a small, primitive hotplate with a undistinguished, grey kettle.

“S … sure,” Koro said.

“Please. Thank you.”

The jedi set out three cups and placed a mixture of ingredients into each cup with his fingers. He mindfully poured the hot water into each. “Sit, sit. I knew you were coming so I had them bring us some chairs.”

Tistura noticed three chairs were set in the corner of the small room. Her visit was an unscheduled stop. They’d told no one of their travel plans today, despite the many diplomatic and military responsibilities they’d undertaken and constant rescheduling by the protocol droids.

Jinroh continued to speak while he fussed with the tea. “I know what you’re going to say … I’ve already made up my mind … the answer is, respectfully, no.”

Tistura glared at him beneath her visor.

Jinroh sighed and handed the steaming cups to his guests and limped back to the counter to pick up his own cup, “…but that’s not going to stop you … you’re going to say it anyway … so you might as well get it over with.”

Tistura had rehearsed this speech so many times in her head. She’d complained loudly and long to Koro, who dutifully agreed with her and nodded his head at every appropriate point and argument. Jinroh was being so frustrating today. They hadn’t talked in months and yet he’d already managed to get under her skin.

“You know … if your leg is bothering you I can arrange for the finest doctors in the sector. You shouldn’t need a cane. We can have a new one built for you that is so perfect you would forget anything was ever wrong.”

Jinroh’s face hardened slightly. Koro struggled to read the mood of his taciturn friend at the best of times. If Tistura irritated him, she didn’t seem to care. They’d witnessed Darth Umbra’s savage strike sever Jinroh’s leg from his body. Koro felt the bitter taste of copper in his saliva as he recalled seeing Jinroh collapse to the ground in a heap.

“The doctors say my leg is fine. They say it is all in my mind,” Jinroh sat down and placed the cane between his knees, resting his palms on the head of his cane, “To be honest, I still don’t remember much, let alone what happened my leg.”

Koro remembered the moment of his frantic leap into the dark chasm after Jinroh. If not for his jetpack and dark-vision visor, he wouldn’t have caught his friend’s shattered body. His fingers tensed up, wrapping around the cup, letting the hot water warm his palms.

Koro also remembered seeing Jinroh floating unconscious in the bacta tank, his skin shredded from the explosion. Activating a thermal detonator at point-blank range had not been one of Jinroh’s best military decisions. The thought of his friend’s attempted suicide attack on Darth Umbra lingered at the back of his mind. He looked over at Jinroh, who stared back at him, knowingly, as if able to read his dark, disturbing thoughts.

“Anyway. I am sure you are tired of talking about your leg,” Tistura dismissed the topic, “I haven’t seen you since the wedding, and before that, his funeral. You don’t attend council meetings. You cancel all of your appointments. Denia covers for you … as do all the other masters.”

Jinroh rested his chin on his hands and waited for Tistura to continue. Koro took a tentative sip of his tea.

“The tea is a Baran Do blend, designed to clear the mind and relax your body. It’s an acquired taste for humans, but I am sure you’ll like it. I’ve come to quite enjoy the flavour,” Jinroh explained.

“You can’t hide away from the universe forever, cloistered away in this temple, doing nothing! You have duties and responsibilities. People depend on you,” She felt the rhythm of her words hit their stride.

“I can’t?” Jinroh seemed to intone his question rhetorically, as if the idea had never occurred to him before. “I am training with the Jedi here. Working with the padawan … from time to time.” The Jedi sipped his tea.

“That’s not what Secura says. He said he’s barely seen you at all. He says that the younglings refer to you as the temple ghost,” Tistura had caught Jinroh in an obfuscation, if not an outright lie. “You’re being a coward.”

Koro interjected, “Now, Tis…”

Jinroh’s eyes narrowed and his lips pursed together in a tight line. She continued.

“You are all that’s left of the Baran Do Order on Kel Dor, one of the few survivors of the order in the whole galaxy. Do you think the elders chose you by mistake? They can see the future! I’ve already arranged for the construction of a new Baran Do academy. I want you to run the academy …” Tistura noticed Jinroh’s nose wrinkle up in disgust at the thought of leading a school. She backpedalled, “At the very least, you will be expected to attend the ground breaking ceremony and teach new potentials. It’s not negotiable.”

Jinroh sat silently. He blinked and stared past her. Tistura had hoped he’d been moved by her words.

“Do you think this is how he would have wanted you to live your life?” Tistura looked about the drab, dimly lit quarters and felt the urge to wretch growing in her throat.

The ghost of Momar seemed to permeate the air. Tistura got angry at Jinroh’s lack of emotional response … at his utter lack of reaction to her questions.

“He sacrificed himself for you!” Tistura stood up, the feet of her chair squeaked as they slide across the floor. She pointed her finger accusingly. “He paid the ultimate price for all of us. The least you could do is earn it!”

Koro finished his tea and set his cup on Jinroh’s bedstand. He stood up and interposed himself between Tistura and the passive Jedi.

“I think it’s time for us to go,” Koro frowned at his wife.

Tistura spun on her heel and stormed through the door. Koro seemed to shrug as if to apologize to Jinroh on his wife’s behalf. “Thanks for the tea … seriously though … we miss you. Don’t stay away forever. See you.”

Jinroh watched his former companions leave and close the door behind them. He stood up with much effort, pushing off on his cane, and sighed. His prosthetic leg ached. The doctors were wrong. Everything wasn’t fine with his leg. Jinroh rubbed his fingers along the seam in his skin on his left leg, where flesh met synthetic material. Despite what everyone else said he could tell the difference.

Defiantly, crustily, he hobbled, cane and all, to a mat in the nearby corner and sat seiza to begin meditating. Again, alone in the darkness, left to his own devices, including drinking tea and meditation. Moments became minutes and minutes became an hour, still, he sat and he meditated. It wasn’t about admitting who was right or wrong … even if part of her had been right.

Jinroh used the force to press a button on a communications console on his table. It trilled a few times. The face of Master Denia appeared, wrinkled and wise.

“Yes Jinroh? Are you okay? Is everything alright?”

He grunted softly. “I suppose we should begin training the Baran Do potentials how to fight with lightsabers…”

“We began their training months ago,” Denia smiled knowingly. “Did you think Master Sazen was waiting for your say so?”

Jinroh held his facial features still, if not his emotions. His Master sensed the wash of feelings projecting from her student.

“No … I suppose not,” he paused for a moment and studied the expression on his master’s face, “You sent for them didn’t you?”

Denia shook her head no and raised her hand to her mouth, “She was quite insistent.”

“Mmm,” Jinroh nodded in understanding. “Very well. I will prepare the first lesson for this afternoon.”

Rogue Squadron
The players take on the role of Rogue squadron for the session.

In Admiral Stazi’s breifing room aboard the newly aquired Alliance, the party gives their report and listens to Rogue Squadron’s debriefing, learning about the assault from their point of view.

Rogue squadron prepared for the assault on Dac, readying their fighters and consulting with Captain Gnar on her assault plan. [[:Khaldaril Anjik]] provided Rogue squadron with a means to board the Imperious, the result of the Sarlaac Project, a newly designed Star Destroyer capable of devastating entire fleets of ships. The Imperious was all but completed and awaiting proper staffing. One such personnel carrier was making its way through an asteroid field in the Dac system, guarded only by a handful of fighters. By destroying the fighter escort and taking control of the personnel transport, Rogue squadron could infiltrate the Imperious and take control of the bridge. Khaldaril also noted that the normal commander of the Star Destroyer would not be aboard the bridge at that time and that the newly appointed executive officer was not yet aquainted with the crew. The Imperious was also only operating in space dock with a skeleton crew until the final finishing touches were completed.

Rogue squadron set off and swiftly destroyed the six fighters guarding the shuttle, however a small star destroyer entered the fray, launching another six tie fighters into battle. The heroes found that their laser cannons could not penetrate the Star Destroyers shielding so they devastated the capital ship with proton torpedos instead. The Star Destroyer’s lazer batteries were not able to get a lock on Rogue Squadron’s small, agile fighters and was disabled. With the Star Destroyer out of the fight, the remaining Imperial fighters were soon destroyed.

When Rogue squadron boarded the ship, they had a tough fight with elite Imperial commandos but managed to prevail despite some members being badly wounded. The terrified passengers were loaded into escape pods and dropped into space, allowing the heroes to make their way to their destination.

At that time throughout the galaxy, GAR ships attacked numerous Imperial targets, causing confusion through the Imperial fleets.

They boarded the lightly crewed Imperious under the watchful gaze of the planetary defense system and the Imperial fleet and made their way through the massive ship to the bridge. Once there, the tech specialist sliced into one of the system control computers and managed to take control of the ship. At that moment, Admiral Stazi entered the system with his flagship, the Indominable and began the rebel attack. In unison, Momar’s Mauraders reprogrammed the planetary defense system to fire on Imperial ships and Rogue Squadron changed the Imperius’ IFF transponder and took control of the bridge.

Darth Umbra’s Shadow entered the system and dealt a death blow to the Indominable but was forced to retreat from the system when it was heavily damaged by the planetary defenses. Admiral Stazi escaped with most of his crew and arrived on the Imperius, quickly establishing control of the ship and retreating it from the system. Back at the GAR fleet, the Imperius was renamed, the Alliance and the GAR forces celebrated their first massive victory over Imperial forces.

Assault on Dac

Called into Admiral Stazi’s crowded briefing room, the party helps to plan the attack on the Mon Calamari shipyards and the Sarlaac Project. Admiral Staazi proposes a bold plan of attack and asks Captain Tistura to coordinate dual team of commandos. One to disable and reprogram Dak’s planetary defenses to aid the alliance and fire on Imperial ships, and a second to take the prototype Star Destroyer known as the Imperius which was being completed in the shipyards.

Tistura gathered two teams and under the advisement of the party, agreed that her team should go down to the planet to disable the defenses, while the second team composed of commandos would board and capture the Imperius.

With the information provided by Khaldaril Anjik, the party is able to learn of the Javelin Defense Station, the control hub of the planetary defenses located deep under the ocean of Dak.

While Tistura prepared the party for the attack , Dr. Momar contacted High Mother Naji, the Ithorian matriarch. Citing a changed Ithor and an evolutionary need for the Ithorians to adapt to the recent changes as well, he convinced Mother Naji that it was time for Ithor to enter the war and throw what meagre resources that Ithor possessed to help the Galactic Alliance. She agreed to send medical support to Gar Stazi’s aid.

Using the Krayt Dragon’s cloaking device, the party is able to make it into the atmosphere and under the ocean without being detected. During hyperspace travel, Dr. Momar was able to equip the party’s weapons with modifications which would allow them to fire under water. Koro Zil landed the Dragon nearly a kilometer away from the Javelin Defense base and the party, equipped with breath masks, began their underwater journey to the hub via an underwater propeller based conveyance.

Picking up on the electric fields of their bodies, the party was assaulted by a giant devil squid which they made short work of. When the party arrived at the base, Tistura used the access codes provided by the Mon Calamari people to gain access to the base and the party begain to sneak in sending their best stealth agents, Koro Zil and Oran Secura. Unfortunately, the heavily upgrade droid defenders were able to detect them and the party was forced into a running battle through the base, facing giant defense droids and an elite team of Imperial commandos, all of whom were bested by the party thanks to their combat oriented party members.

Dr. Momar was successfully able to hack the computer defense network and reconfigure the F.O.B. scanners for the planetary defenses. At that moment, Tistura ordered the other commando team which had been waiting in disguise on the protoype Star Destroyer to take the Imperius. Plantery defenses began to open fire on Imperial ships as Gar Stazi arrived to attack the shipyards. The party sabotaged the equipment in the base to prevent their efforts from being reversed and retreated back to their ship.

Aafter getting off planet, the party left the system in the confusion of the battle to meet the fleet at the predetermined rondevous coordinates.

Pirate Rescue

After receiving a message of tortured screaming over his comlink, Momar traced the signal to have originated on Korriban carried on Zan Dane’s encrypted signal. The crew of the Dragon immediately despart for Korriban to solve the mystery of the missing pirate.

Jinro Takeda uses his force powers to farsee Zan Dane and has visions of him being tortured and experimented upon. When the crew arrives in the system, they find Zane Dane’s flagship, the Fortune, heavily damaged and adrift in orbit over Korriban.

When they board the ship, they find that life support is barely functioning and that gravity control has been badly damaged. Navigating the ship, they find badly mutated Dale clones which have been tainted by dark side Sith Alchemy attempting to repair the ship. The clones lead the party further into the ship before ambushing them.

After defeating the clones, the party finds a chamber full of the thirty crew members who were once the crew of the Fortune whom are submerged in green viscous liquid undergoing a transformation similar to those which had been inflicted on the Dale clones. The party determines that the process is irreversible and must choose whether to allow the process to finish or interrupt it which would kill them. Tisturra, Momar, Secura and Koro Zil decide to interrupt the process. The Jedi Jinro leaves the room, disagreeing with their decision.

More mutated creatures lurk in the ship but Momar is able to take control of the environmental controls and kill them without having to fight them directly. At the bridge, the crew learns that the Fortune was captured outside of Point Nadir at the time of its destruction.

Leaving their droid repair crew to fix the Fortune, the Dragon descends to Korriban and manages to track down a landing site where multiple shuttles are docked in front of an ancient Sith Temple. Within the temple, they find more mutated pirates and at the bottom, confront a female Devaronian Sith Lord, Darth Maladi. Maladi manages to escape, though her apprentices are slain in the ensuing melee. Zan Dane is rescued.

The party also finds Dalias Omega in stasis in the Temple. He is extremely old and has been helping Darth Maladi create corrupted clones. The party successfully removes Dalias Omega and Zan Dane from the temple, using the Krayt Dragon’s guns to destroy two mutated Rancors which attempt to block their path.

The party attempts to escape the system with the Fortune in tow but are blocked by three Imperial star destroyers. Rather than see his ship fall into Imperial hands once again, Zane Dane sends the damaged fortune on a collision course with the blockade and it crashes into a Star Destroyer, causing massive damage to the Imperial cruiser.

Back at the GAR fleet, Zane Dane is given a cybernetic eye to replace the one he lost while being tortured. It is installed by Dr. Momar. After the surgery, Zane Dane pledges to aid the GAR, making it clear that he will work with Admiral Stazi, not for him. Zan Dane calls his remaining pirate fleet and adds his strength to the Alliance.

Alone in the lab with Dalias Omega, Momar brings the ancient progenitor out of stasis to interrogate him. He makes a deal with Dalias Omega. In exchange for his cloning technology, Momar would let Dalias live and provide him with a new, younger body. Dalias Omega begrudgingly agreed.

Mission List
A brief list of major missions

We can use this list to keep track of major plot points and fill in the details later, they are not necessarily in chronological order:

-Escape from Dorin
-Escaping the bounty hunter and his droids
-Rescue of Jedi Master Denia from Zetia the Hutt
-The sack of Point Nadir on behalf of Epsis
-The sack of Point Epsis on behalf of N3-D
-The acquisition of the Krayt Dragon ship involving the pirates Zan Dane and Prince Dalius
-The gambling tournament on Cloud City to investigate a Sith plot
-Recovery of the Darth Maul Lightsaber and ship from Naboo
-Recovery of the Jedi holocron for Master Denia from the dying world
-Instigation of civilian uprising on Empire controlled world of Nizon
-The ongoing investigation of Project Sarlaac



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