Star Wars: The Edge of Darkness

Pirate Rescue

After receiving a message of tortured screaming over his comlink, Momar traced the signal to have originated on Korriban carried on Zan Dane’s encrypted signal. The crew of the Dragon immediately despart for Korriban to solve the mystery of the missing pirate.

Jinro Takeda uses his force powers to farsee Zan Dane and has visions of him being tortured and experimented upon. When the crew arrives in the system, they find Zane Dane’s flagship, the Fortune, heavily damaged and adrift in orbit over Korriban.

When they board the ship, they find that life support is barely functioning and that gravity control has been badly damaged. Navigating the ship, they find badly mutated Dale clones which have been tainted by dark side Sith Alchemy attempting to repair the ship. The clones lead the party further into the ship before ambushing them.

After defeating the clones, the party finds a chamber full of the thirty crew members who were once the crew of the Fortune whom are submerged in green viscous liquid undergoing a transformation similar to those which had been inflicted on the Dale clones. The party determines that the process is irreversible and must choose whether to allow the process to finish or interrupt it which would kill them. Tisturra, Momar, Secura and Koro Zil decide to interrupt the process. The Jedi Jinro leaves the room, disagreeing with their decision.

More mutated creatures lurk in the ship but Momar is able to take control of the environmental controls and kill them without having to fight them directly. At the bridge, the crew learns that the Fortune was captured outside of Point Nadir at the time of its destruction.

Leaving their droid repair crew to fix the Fortune, the Dragon descends to Korriban and manages to track down a landing site where multiple shuttles are docked in front of an ancient Sith Temple. Within the temple, they find more mutated pirates and at the bottom, confront a female Devaronian Sith Lord, Darth Maladi. Maladi manages to escape, though her apprentices are slain in the ensuing melee. Zan Dane is rescued.

The party also finds Dalias Omega in stasis in the Temple. He is extremely old and has been helping Darth Maladi create corrupted clones. The party successfully removes Dalias Omega and Zan Dane from the temple, using the Krayt Dragon’s guns to destroy two mutated Rancors which attempt to block their path.

The party attempts to escape the system with the Fortune in tow but are blocked by three Imperial star destroyers. Rather than see his ship fall into Imperial hands once again, Zane Dane sends the damaged fortune on a collision course with the blockade and it crashes into a Star Destroyer, causing massive damage to the Imperial cruiser.

Back at the GAR fleet, Zane Dane is given a cybernetic eye to replace the one he lost while being tortured. It is installed by Dr. Momar. After the surgery, Zane Dane pledges to aid the GAR, making it clear that he will work with Admiral Stazi, not for him. Zan Dane calls his remaining pirate fleet and adds his strength to the Alliance.

Alone in the lab with Dalias Omega, Momar brings the ancient progenitor out of stasis to interrogate him. He makes a deal with Dalias Omega. In exchange for his cloning technology, Momar would let Dalias live and provide him with a new, younger body. Dalias Omega begrudgingly agreed.

Mission List
A brief list of major missions

We can use this list to keep track of major plot points and fill in the details later, they are not necessarily in chronological order:

-Escape from Dorin
-Escaping the bounty hunter and his droids
-Rescue of Jedi Master Denia from Zetia the Hutt
-The sack of Point Nadir on behalf of Epsis
-The sack of Point Epsis on behalf of N3-D
-The acquisition of the Krayt Dragon ship involving the pirates Zan Dane and Prince Dalius
-The gambling tournament on Cloud City to investigate a Sith plot
-Recovery of the Darth Maul Lightsaber and ship from Naboo
-Recovery of the Jedi holocron for Master Denia from the dying world
-Instigation of civilian uprising on Empire controlled world of Nizon
-The ongoing investigation of Project Sarlaac



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