War Assets

As the Kel Dor Dissidents gather resources and allies for the cause of the Galactic Alliance Remnant , the strength of the GAR grows. The stronger the Remnant, the greater the chance of successfully freeing the planet Dorin. In addition, the heroes can call upon these assets to aid them during the course of their adventures; however, doing so risks the strength of each asset in the final battle.

Current GAR Organization Score: 20

Current Assets: Total Strength 100

Nazren Resistance Fighters: Strength 5
Resources: Strength 5
The Forged Destiny: Strength 5
Hidden Jedi Temple Allies: Strength 10
Dorin Rebels: Strength 5
Sarlaac Project Design Team: Strength 5
Empire-in-Exile: Strength 20
Zan Dane’s Privateers: Strength 5
The Dale Army-Byss Cloning Facilities: Strength 10
Ithorian Medical Teams: Strength 5
Star Destroyer The Alliance:Strength 20
Khaldaril’s Spynet: Strength 5

War Assets

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