Emperor Roan Fel

Sovereign of the Empire-in-Exile


Roan Fel was the third Emperor of the Fel dynasty to rule the Fel Empire, and later the first ruler of the new Empire. Roan was the grandson of Jagged Fel, the head of the Moff Council following the Second Galactic Civil War. He was also an Imperial Knight, part of a Force-sensitive organization that rejected the dark side. Following the Sith–Imperial War, he took control of the Fel Empire on Coruscant; however, he was soon deposed by Darth Krayt, who founded his own Sith Empire on Coruscant. Fel took control of the loyalist world of Bastion seven years later, and in the Second Imperial Civil War, he led other loyalists as the head of the Empire-in-exile, which opposed Krayt’s rule.

Fel’s daughter Marasiah convinced Roan of the necessity of allying with the Galactic Alliance Remnant, and though he lacks his daughter’s enthusiasm, Fel is committed to doing whatever is required to oust Darth Krayt from his throne.

Emperor Roan Fel

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