Marasiah Fel

A haughty princess, the daughter of Emperor Roan Fel


Born as a princess of royal lineage, she was the only child and heir of Emperor Roan Fel and Empress Elliah Fel. Through her father, Princess Fel was a great-granddaughter of Jagged Fel, the first Emperor of the Fel dynasty. Like her father, Fel possessed a strong connection to the Force, thus enabling her to join the Knights of the Empire.

Marasiah traveled in secret from Bastion in order to rally Imperial loyalist’s to her father’s cause. It was during one of these secret excursion that she encountered agents of Admiral Gar Stazi, who convinced her of the true threat posed by Darth Krayt’s One Sith. Marasiah convinced her father to join forces with the Galactic Alliance Remnant, and is eager to take the fight to Darth Krayt’s forces.


Marasiah Fel

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